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Tray passed appetizers

Hosting a cocktail party?


Looking to impress your guests with an extravagant and delicious selection of appetizers that are sure not only please them but also leave you feeling satisfied after filling up on all these tasty treats.


You'll have no problem doing so when we provide the most elegant finger foods imaginable! These luxurious choices will make it easy for anyone looking forward towards what's coming next in this Prevention long overlooked by many families - snacking away during downtime before dessert arrives again...

Build your menu by selecting the menu options & venue details you're interested in for your event.

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2-3 hours

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2-100 guests


Handmade potato blini | Meyer lemon crème fraiche | torched avocado

Romaine hearts | XO aged fine cognac spiced aioli sauce

Pineapple al pastor | wakame seaweed | sesame | wasabi

Whipped feta cheese | heirloom cherry tomato | harissa | micro mint

Italian basil | cashew cheese | Moroccan olive oil

Whipped goat cheese | sliced almonds | oven dried tomato | aged balsamic di Modena

Cucumber | jalapeno | mint | granny smith apple

Black sesame | micro cilantro

Branzino | basil blossom leche de Tigre | plantain

Tuna | fennel | watermelon radish | pickled onion | finger lime

Mary's Chicken Leg Confit Black Truffles | Crema Mexicana | chervil

Jackfruit | chorizo seasoning | tofu

Braised short rib | caramelized onions | aged manchego | cheese | truffle hot sauce

Crab | hearts of palm | grapefruit yogurt aioli

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