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Expert's Guide To Catering Los Angeles

2 caterers holding food looking over LA

Special parties and events tend to be some of the most memorable experiences in our existence as human beings on this great blue spinning ball that we call Earth. From weddings that help define our future to corporate parties in which companies celebrate important milestones on their way to success, these things matter. In a town like Los Angeles, making sure events and parties are tended to with the utmost emphasis on food is absolutely crucial, and if you are considering catering an event in LA, here is what you need to know. 

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Weddings catering 

Plated food at a catered wedding

Weddings and catering go hand in hand, and if you’ve ever been involved in wedding planning, the stress associated with it can be overwhelming. One of the mistakes that we’ve found over the years is that although there are many moving integral parts that compose a wedding, the food should be the most memorable, but it is often not done up to par. Even with tray-passed appetizers, the focus on impeccable quality and presentation should stay the same. Our philosophy is that the star of the food ensemble should be the quality of the ingredients and the elegant simplicity that you find with only the best cuisine.

Tips for catering weddings in Los Angeles

Parties and events catering 

Barmitzvah catering

Catering for events like Bar Mitzvahs and Quiciñeras in Los Angeles requires special attention to detail and cultural sensitivity. These celebrations are significant milestones, often involving traditional foods and rituals that must be incorporated into the menu. However, many times, the client will allow the caterer to be creative and come up with their own flavor or take on a traditional dish, such as combining an Italian menu or French menu with Asian flavors. When planning catering for something like a Bar Mitzvah or another event associated with one of LA's numerous ethnic enclaves, it is essential to work with a caterer who understands the cultural significance and dietary laws, such as keeping kosher. 

Remember, LA does events a bit differently, according to Chef Adonis Icalina of Carnivore Style: "One of the unique challenges caterers face in LA is the sheer variety and scale of events. Los Angeles hosts everything from high-profile celebrity parties to large-scale corporate events, which means caterers must be extremely adaptable. They need to be able to customize menus and service styles to fit the occasion, often catering to diverse tastes and dietary requirements within the same event. Competition is fierce in Los Angeles, with a vibrant food scene and numerous talented chefs and catering companies. To stand out, caterers must continually innovate and maintain high standards."

Tips for parties and events catering in Los Angeles

Corporate events catering 

 A plated delicacy perfecft for a business dinner

If you are welcoming a Singaporean delegation into town that is looking at deploying a major amount of money for a pet studio project, then showing them a good time with the finest food is a wise business decision. Likewise, treating staff for a holiday party can be just as important as boosting overall morale. Corporate parties and events in Los Angeles come with their unique set of challenges, particularly due to the city's notorious traffic and diverse workforce. One of the primary considerations is ensuring punctuality, as late deliveries can disrupt the entire event schedule. It's also important to choose a caterer who offers a wide range of menu options to cater to various dietary restrictions and preferences, including vegan, gluten-free, and international cuisines. Corporate events often require high professionalism from the catering staff, who should be adept at providing seamless service in formal settings.

Tips for parties and events catering in Los Angeles

Things to Look Out for When Catering in Los Angeles

The perfect menu

The menu is everything and should be suited to both the type of event and the clientele that is attending the party or event. A custom menu should be carefully crafted to feature a mix of different flavors and textures, which is both diverse in its offering and keeping with the menu’s theme. If it’s a Greek menu, then an emphasis on a simple yet elegant menu of Greek selections that emphasize natural flavor rather than sauce might be something to consider.  Make sure that the menu items can be customized to meet specific dietary restrictions and preferences and serve the number of people it's intended to serve.

Ingredients that tell a story

Using fresh, high-quality ingredients is essential for catering in Los Angeles. Given the city's emphasis on healthy living and sustainability, sourcing local and organic ingredients can make a significant difference. It’s important to ask where the catering is sourced from as there is truly a large gap between the suppliers that Michelin-starred restaurants get their food from and the organic section of the local Whole Foods on the corner. 

Food presentation that leaves mouthes gaping

Food is an art and a great presentation that features the essence of both the food and the chef’s take on how to present it is something that separates the good caterers from the ones that are truly unique. Like the finest Piccaso or Renoit, every minute detail is as important as the last, and each portion of the plate laid on top is like a brush painting a masterpiece. The presentation is as important for the guests as the taste and in the entertainment capital of the world, image is everything.

Chef Serge Krikorian of Vibrant Occasion Catering says that in the social media age, image is particularly important. "Visually appealing, Instagram-worthy plate designs and creative food presentations are a priority for high-end catering. Caterers are using techniques like molecular gastronomy, edible flowers, and artistic garnishes."

Breakfast catering and brunch catering in Los Angeles 

 A beautifully presented  breakfast dish

Sometimes, you need to start the day off right with boundless energy and pleasure that can only be derived from a breakfast crafted and designed by an expert private chef. In this case, caterers with access to immaculately cultivated fresh local ingredients should be considered. Brunch catering in LA is all about combining breakfast favorites with lunch specialties, often featuring dishes with eggs, avocados, and mimosas. Ideal for weekend gatherings, LA brunch catering is popular any time of year and is a great way to impress a group of friends with nothing else better to do on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

Lunch and dinner catering in Los Angeles 

Plated salmon popular with dinner catering

Although LA is not necessarily formal in nature, dinner and lunch catering in Los Angeles, if done right, will feature plated service and multiple dishes. As this is prime rush hour, it's imperative that a plan is implemented beforehand so that there are no hiccups along the way due to crazy traffic jams on the 401.

Holiday catering in Los Angeles

Christmas catering in Los Angeles

Christmas catering in Los Angeles often features festive dishes like roasted turkey, glazed ham, and a variety of seasonal sides. Caterers in LA can provide both traditional holiday meals and innovative menus that cater to diverse tastes and embrace both a more modern flair as well as modern dietary preferences.

Thanksgiving catering in Los Angeles

Thanksgiving catering in LA includes classic dishes such as roast turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie. Many Los Angeles caterers offer fully prepared Thanksgiving meals, allowing families to enjoy the holiday without the stress of cooking.

We specialize in all holidays with special menus based on seasonal ingredients. Need more info?


How do I find eco-friendly caterers in Los Angeles?

In a city as environmentally conscious as Los Angeles, many clients seek caterers who prioritize sustainability. Eco-friendly caterers focus on using locally sourced, organic ingredients, minimizing food waste, and employing sustainable practices like compostable packaging and zero-waste events. To find such caterers, look for certifications such as Green Restaurant Certification or membership in organizations like the Sustainable Food Trade Association.

What are some unique catering options for themed parties in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is known for its creativity and innovation, and this extends to catering options for themed parties. Clients can choose from a plethora of unique catering styles that are native to LA, such as food trucks offering gourmet street food, pop-up dining experiences, or interactive food stations where guests can customize their own dishes

How do I ensure my caterer can handle dietary restrictions and allergies?

With the eclectic population that resides in Los Angeles, caterers must be adept at accommodating various dietary restrictions and allergies. A professional caterer should be able to provide a variety of menu options that cater to these restrictions without compromising on taste or presentation.

Where can I find more photos of catering options in LA?

You can check out our gallery for some pictures and photos of some of our events and private chef services in and around Los Angeles and Southern California.


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