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Our Services 

How It Works


Explore our curated menus.


Reserve your dining experience.


Select or customize your menu to achieve your perfect event.

Book directly on our website or contact us to connect with one of our chefs.

Delight in a 5-star meal.

Create a memorable dining experience with dishes prepared with quality ingredients and delivered with superior service.

Our Guarantees


Professionally trained & certified staff

Our team has a passion for superior service that is consistent, kind and personalized.


Highest quality ingredients

Premium food products inspire us to prepare beautiful, delicious meals.


Insurance coverage included for every event

We ensure your investment is protected for peace of mind.


Flexible payment plans available

Sensitive to your budget, our dining experiences can be customized or paid for over time.

Book a Chef

Book an intimate chef experience, featuring locally curated and handcrafted, seasonal menus.


From start to finish, your guests will titillate their senses in a beautiful, delicious and memorable dining journey.


Catering & Events

Let us create the culinary centerpiece for your event — one that will leave an indelible impression on your guests.


We’ll help you bring your weddings, cocktail parties, dinners, holiday events (and more) to life!

Meal Prep

Experience Gourmaze all week, from the comfort of your own home, with fully prepared meals.


Our customizable meal delivery service prioritizes high quality ingredients for your well-balanced palate.


Cooking Classes

Learn the fundamentals of French cooking and how you can apply the techniques to global cuisines.


We’ll provide everything you need to enjoy Michelin-trained chef demos and seasonally-inspired interactive cooking workshops.

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