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About Gourmaze

The Manos Brothers

Co-founders of Gourmaze

Our father is the reason we have devoted our lives to cooking. 

Manos brothers of Gourmaze standing in kitchen

A landscape artist by trade, he had a deep appreciation for nature, which later evolved into a love of baking arts and pastry. This propelled a culinary curiosity and passion in us brothers at a very young age.  


Although we were born and trained in Greece, we learned how to cook international cuisine, using prestigious French culinary techniques and foundations that eventually landed us opportunities working for high level chefs at Michelin-star restaurants and 5-star hotels. 

In 2011, after 5 years of professional experience in the kitchen, we decided it was time to shake things up.

It has always been our dream to live and cook in the world’s greatest cities, so that same year, we left our hometown for Los Angeles, California to embark on an entrepreneurial journey — one that would allow us to fuse our knowledge of the culinary arts with our desire to create fine foods with personality.  


Today, we’re a team of 11 Michelin-trained tastemakers committed to re-energizing the culinary arts with emotive force, and bringing awareness to new food experiences with stylistic elements and dynamic chef interaction.


We invite you to join us at the table for an inimitable dining experience you’ll always remember.

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